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Nancy Bentson Essex

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Civil trials and appeals

Nancy Essex represents clients in all kinds of civil disputes. She works with clients to seek a resolution outside of court, but when that is not possible, she has the skills and experience to represent clients in court at the state level and federal level.  She has represented clients in civil cases since she began practicing law and throughout her career has handled a wide-ranging variety of issues, including disputes arising from construction, real estate and other contracts, personal injury, construction defects, boundary issues, and disputes involving actions by homeowner’s associations.  She has worked on very large cases, including one involving the reasonableness of construction costs for a nuclear power plant, and small cases, such as collection suits. Although she generally handles cases arising in Gunnison County, she has represented clients in cases arising in Chaffee, Saguache and Hinsdale counties. She has also represented clients in the appellate courts.

Ms. Essex typically charges for representation in civil matters on an hourly basis, although she is willing to handle personal injury cases for plaintiffs on a contingency fee basis.

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