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Civil case examples

The following is a description of some of the civil cases that Nancy Essex has handled in Gunnison or surrounding counties in recent years.  Not all of these court cases went to trial; many were resolved through settlement after a lawsuit was filed.

  • Represented owner of a gold mine in litigation against operators.
  • Represented owner of a (different) gold mine in dispute with potential purchasers
  • Tried case involving location of boundary between two parcels.
  • Represented landowner seeking right of access to property.
  • Represented contractor in lawsuit for balance due on contract for construction of residential home.
  • Represented homeowners in two separate lawsuits against seller/builder for construction defects.
  • Represented several builders and other construction contractors in lawsuits seeking payment.
  • Represented two partners in a Gunnison restaurant business in lawsuit against third partner.
  • Represented rancher in lawsuit against operator of gravel pit on rancherís property.
  • Represented man injured in Gunnison automobile accident.
  • Represented man injured by broken sign in City of Gunnison.
  • Represented purchasers of real estate in lawsuit filed by seller who contended deed inaccurately described property and also accused purchaser of violating covenants in subdivision.
  • Represented owner of real estate against claim by Internal Revenue Service.

Before coming to the Gunnison Valley, Ms. Essex practiced law in two firms in Raleigh, North Carolina. During that time, she litigated cases in the areas of construction law, utility law, media law, tax law and personal injury law, including medical and nursing home malpractice (both on the side of plaintiffs and defendants).



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