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Land use and governmental relations

There are many controversies arising over proposed use of land.  In Gunnison County, this is a result, in part, of the fact that the county commissioners have chosen to avoid zoning and instead have adopted a Land Use Resolution (called the LUR) which requires a permit to be issued for nearly every proposed land use change.  Nancy Essex is well acquainted with the LUR and is experienced in representing clients in land use issues. She has appeared before the Gunnison County Planning Commission, the Gunnison County Commissioners, and the town councils and planning commissions in Mt. Crested Butte, Crested Butte and the City of Gunnison on various planning matters. 

Ms. Essex has represented both clients applying for permission to develop land and clients objecting to proposed developments. She has also been involved in litigation arising from the issuance of permits for developments.  For example, she represented a landowner who was sued because a building constructed under a permit issued by Mt. Crested Butte obstructed another landowners’ viewshed, and she also represented a property owner who objected to the height of a building in Crested Butte. 

In addition to the disputes involving local government rules and regulations, Ms. Essex is familiar with issues involving the federal agencies that control a vast amount of land in Colorado.


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