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Dispute resolution (mediation)

Mediation is a process through which parties attempt to work out a resolution to their dispute with the assistance of a person, called a mediator, who is not involved in the dispute and is not related to the parties in any way.  Nancy Essex is available to serve as a mediator to assist in parties who want to attempt to resolve disputes out of court or have been required to do so by court order. She has received special training in mediation at CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado. In addition, her decades of experience in civil litigation, evaluating the merits of claims and the probable outcome of cases in court, provide her with a valuable background in assisting parties to resolve disputes.  

Ms. Essex can hold a mediation conference in Crested Butte or travel to your location. She charges $150 an hour for the conference, preparation time, and any post-conference consultations, and she charges $75 an hour for travel time. Prior to holding a mediation conference, Ms. Essex prefers to have communications with the parties or their attorneys to clarify who will attend the mediation, what materials will be provided prior to mediation, and the expected length of the mediation.

ARTICLE: What is mediation?

As one judge likes to say, mediation offers the parties a way to work out a resolution of a dispute themselves, rather than having a judge or jury determine the outcome. To read more about the mediation process, click HERE.


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